Our Vision

Our Vision to Build THE Logistics expressway in a Borderless World, represents our passion in creating the ultimate arterial highway of finest efficiency & speed. THE Logistics arterial highway will enable the material, Informational, and monetary flows of the Dacon to flow seamlessly throughout a borderless world.

Our Mission

Our Mission to Be The No. 1 LOGISTICS Player in Asia Pacific.

Welcome to Dacon Logistics

DACON’S vision is to create competitive advantage for its customers. By exploiting the potential of logistics and shipping needs DACON’S employees apply their dedicated skills and resources to fully understand customers’ needs and requirements so that they can develop smarter, more inventive and more effective solutions. For DACON’S customers this means better results, faster efficient services, improved performance, increased reliability/uptime and lower cost of risk.

Dacon Logistics (India) Pvt Ltd is part of the diverse and internationally successful USD billion CNTRANS & MULTI CARGO Group - confirming our financial strength, stability, and dependability. DACON is a dynamic international shipping business specializing in quality performance and assured services for major global customers in strong Niche markets.

DACON is a member of the CNO network which represent in India. CNO Network is a combine force of Multicargo Express group which have a history , 20 yrs of establishment in Malaysia & Indonesia and CnTrans Group which more than 15 yrs of establishment in China.

Philosophy, Mission & Vision

Our Philosophy

DACON is founded on a philosophy that thrives on overcoming challenges. This is embodied in the corporate philosophy using the Chinese Character – (Dacon) meaning to HUGE. The acronym of the word HUGE was adopted as the company’s corporate values, focusing on the level of service and confidence we provide to our clients.

Our proven Honesty to perform our best is the company’s assurance of professionalism & market stability.

We strive to deliver an uncompromising commitment to Value, effectiveness and service in all business activities.

Our Genuineness is demonstrated through the care and interest we place on the welfare of our clients and staff.

Our dynamism and innovative spirit of Enterprise, in meeting new challenges, is a true reflection of our Vibrance, Energy, Strength and Passion to achieve our corporate goals.